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Restoration & Maintenance

Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places (APP) sets aside 15% of the 1.5% generated by all new public art funding for the long-term care of its public art collection. During the implementation process, new public art commissions and acquisitions are subject to a rigorous conservation assessment to guarantee the artwork can be properly maintained over its lifespan. These funds are replenished on an ongoing basis with proceeds from new commissions.

Most public art only requires periodic cleaning consistent with maintenance activities already performed on a regular basis by facility maintenance crews. As the commissioning process nears completion, APP works closely with its partners to define responsibilities on the regular care of the work and establish a communication protocol to monitor and report on any condition that requires APP attention and specialized care.

Protecting and maintaining the integrity of Miami-Dade County's public art collection is one of the program's top priorities. Through the replenishing of its Maintenance and Restoration Fund and the support of a wide network of artists, fabricators, and specialized industry professionals, APP restores and repairs works in its collection on an ongoing basis.

Please email APP for any condition or concern with an artwork that needs our attention at